Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Making a sandwich

The block went to maker space when we were at maker space i sat on the mat Mr Vogt told me the instructions. First i grabbed white crunchy bread and i put tasty tomato slices in me white bread.
Next i put purple onion rings in my white bread and i put stringy grated cheese but the block couldn't eat it yet. After that i put some   crunchy lettuce. At the end Mr vogt gave room 22 some soild silver metal wrapper. i felt excited to eat it when i got home. Maker space  is a place where you can draw, build and make a sand which but mostly you can create anything in Maker space.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019


50 words challenge

On an old farm a little  boy was terrified by a cheeky friendly donkey. The friendly donkey put his head
though the window. While the boy  was sleeping he woke up and saw the cheeky donkey had mighty
chompers and the little boy had a terrifying scream. It was horrifying!