Monday, 30 March 2020

Addition/Subtraction Practice 2020


Hi this is my 2 paper's of maths work I have done all this maths on this activity this activity took 3 day's and then I forgot to blog it. I focused on it and I finished and now I have finished blogging about it.

Saturday, 28 March 2020

8 bit art

Hi everyone I have finished my art,
as you guy's have seen my other 2 art's and I was bored so I made another one.
I drew this on 8-Bit Art,
it was fun too.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Boy on a bike

This is my reading activity and this is a letter to a friend of mine and I found this really hard.

My Reward

What it is: My Reward

Time: 14:37

When: March 27th

Day: Friday

This is my award from online assembly from my school this certificate is from my teacher Miss West if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have a certificate thank’s to Miss west and the school for doing this online school for us we appreciate what you guys have done for us I thank you for what you have down for me and the school I thank you for still teaching us this stuff and I thank you for teaching us everyday,

From: Vika

To: school and teachers and to everyone else who joined in on this Idea,

Fractions around the home

Fractions around the home

 This is my fraction's around the home activity and I found this very easy and hard I can't choose wich one I felt and also I think I got all of them right.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

8- bit art

Here are both of my make 8- bit art! I hope you like it.

Chef for a day!

Hi want to know how to make yummy food so you can eat it all up well. Here is the first dish that you can eat but it is small and it is my favourite and it is called milk bites there small but tasty there sweet but nice and I know I love it.

Do you want to know how to cook or make yummy food?

Great! Now it is time to learn how to make or cook yummy food, so first of all you have to grab at least maybe 2 or 1 strawberry’s and then you get food powder not baby powder food powder then you have to melt the strawberries and not the food powder. After you have heated the strawberries whoops I forgot to tell you that you have to heat it 30 seconds long and you have to put on a plate or bowl you don’t want it to get sticky in your microwave,oh and put milk with the strawberries after you have heated it up I think your going to need some glove’s for this but you have to make it into a mint shape and then put it in the freeze and don’t forget to add the powder and that’s how you make strawberry flavoured milk bite’s

Milk bite’s
Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 10.23.52.pngScreenshot 2020-03-26 at 10.23.52.pngScreenshot 2020-03-26 at 10.23.52.png
Hello want to know how to make sausages ?

Great it’s my favourite is your tell me on my blog so now all we have to do is to find meat any meat and then roll like you would roll playdough, then after you have rolled it I think your done but you will have to add the hot because leave it cold then that would be a very very bad idea and plus get the tomato sauce to and then ( me making a ding sound ) Ding! You are done so there that’s how you make sausages the tomato sauce is very easy to make,

Malo lele talofa lava KIA Ora hi hello it’s me again now we are going to learn together how to bake a fabulous and wonderful cake so how to bake a cake you will need a big bowl and 5 cup of flower and you will also need 3 spoons of sugar and maybe 2 or 3 spoons of butter and then you start mixing. After you have mixed the ingredient I think your suppose to get 2 or 4 cups of water then after that keep mixing, after you have mixed the other ingredient’s your bowl should look grey and then you just put it in a shape of what you want your cake to be and then you put it in the oven normally and then you wait and wait then you have to check it otherwise it’s burnt taste just a little bit and then put it back in the oven then when finished take it out and then you may see a cake and then you can start decorating and that’s how you make a cake.

Screenshot 2020-03-26 at 09.57.31.png

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Wanted poster

This is a wanted poster for what this creature did I need your help to find out what it might be please help me figure out what this animal did to a shop called happy day's and thank you for helping me if you are, oh and this poster is also one I made help me find this creature,

Tom going for a ride on the helicopter, 2020

Tom has brown hair and he is 17 years old and he goes to college he sometime’s is always waking  up early and he lives with his mother and father. Everyone knows him and every time he walks outside he says hi to everyone and then everyone says hi back to Tom.
The other charter is a girl she is 19 years old she has black hair and she has black eyes she has black cloths and black shoes black car it is mainly black everything her name is Riley 
They were on a journey to find something that was very important to Riley  

 On the 13th of march On a sunny bright day Tom got up really early for no reason so then he go up and he tried to figure out what to do on a day with nothing going around no one was outside no on was on the park either then Tom got really scared but then he noticed that he woke up early then he started to chuckle then he waited outside and watched the sun come out and then all of the people came out of there house’s and they came out and said hi.

Later in the day Tom was just laying down on the grass he was bored then he finally thought of something he might have tried before but he doesn't know how to ride a helicopter so the idea that Tom thought of was flying on a helicopter then he found his dad’s old helicopter Tom said that the Helicopter  was flown by his dad in 1990 and he was born in 1945 his dad was worried about son trying to fix and fly the plane but Tom’s mother wasn’t to worried about it then Tom got started on his dad’s helicopter.

It started to get dark and tom said he would work all night and so he did his mum and dad were starting to worry then Tom was so close to finishing and he said maybe I’ll finish the rest of it tomorrow and  then Tom walked inside and locked the garage and he went to his room and fell asleep his mum and dad were relieved that they could finally go to sleep in peace knowing that there son is sleeping and he slept until the very next morning.

The very next morning Tom’s parent’s got up happily and went to the kitchen to eat there breakfast and Tom was still asleep from the long night he worked for then when he woke up he was more fast then normal and his eyes were so wide you can see them from a mile away and Tom’s parent’s asked him are you ok ? they said he said am I ok am I ok I am great Tom replied they were worried about what he was doing but they just kept an eye on him just to make sure he is ok.

Later that day Tom didn’t seem of at all it seemed that he was perfectly fine and he went to the garage and kept working on his helicopter and he was finally finished and he went upstairs to ask his dad and mum if he could take it for a ride and his mum said yes then his dad said yes too he was so happy he ran down the stairs very fast  and went the kitchen and went to the garage and then he had to push the helicopter out of the garage so then that too half the day and then he finally got took off and then he said goodbye I’ll see you guys later but he forgot something that was very important and his parents were about to tell him but he already took off. He was flying into the air and then the blade of the helicopter hitted the power line and the power cutted of the street light and houses. I am so so sorry Tom shouted everyone said back to Tom it’s alright.

Tom was starting to get sleepy and then he woke up and found out that he forgot to put a nail on the helicopter then Tom went flying through the air and falling down in the middle of the grass I  guess because Tom crashed landed in a grass and he was small and the grass was big then he noticed he was back home and he was in bed and he just noticed it was just a nightmare.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Story web

This is my Story web about The final challenge The duel and I have finished my story web,

Monday, 9 March 2020

Friday, 6 March 2020

Subtraction / Taking away

Vika, Addition ← → Subtraction

Hanging on

Sally was so happy to see Jim, Sally hadn’t seen Jim in 10 years Jim was so happy to see his family too. Simon was thinking what they could do to celebrate Jim coming back from somewhere else but Simon also noticed that the stranger would wake up any time soon but Jim knows that the stranger doesn't know where Jim went to. But soOn the 26th of february the farther Simon and  the son Jim went to go get changed and they went at night time Jim was so excited to meet his mum who is at wellington so they got changed and went to walk to the train station and when they got to the train station Jim was looking at the train and simon was just looking and his phone then all of a sudden Jim grabbed on the door of the train and Jim's shoes came of and then the Father looked at the son and ran after them but then Simon stopped because he saw a cliff.

Simon  went back to the train station and saw a stranger who was looking at Jim he Simon was running as fast as he could but then the stranger vanished so fast Simon couldn’t tell who he or she was  he went back home and tried to figure who it was Simon went back to the train station and saw the same but different person.

Simon went up to this person he saw yesterday but it was just another stranger. He went back home and then he thought about this person. He texted Jim’s mum and then Simon told her that Simon was taken by a stranger when he was grabbing on the train. The mum had to wait until Simon found Jim.

10 years later the boy Jim was old enough to go find his parents but Jim didn't remember much because he was just 5 years old all he remembered was his dad’s name and what city they were in before Jim went missing. Jim had a phone so he researched the country he used to live in he spelled new york city and then he knew where to go but there was a problem the stranger was outside of Jim’s room so Jim quietly packed his stuff and went outside the window with his bag and quietly ran away from the house.

Jim ran to the airport to get on his flight. He stopped for a breath and then he paid for his flight and went to New York City. 2 hours later Jim finally arrived in New York city. He said it is beautiful in New York after that Jim went out of the airport and when he got out of the airport when Jim got outside he got out his phone and he typed Simon hopper because that was Jim’s last name and that was his father's last name so he typed it up on his phone and then it said where he lived Jim hopped up for joy. 

He waited for a taxi and then 10 minutes  later a taxi finally came so then Jim hopped into the taxi and then Jim told him where he wanted to go. Then the taxi went and then they stopped and he got out closing his eyes and he opened them and he saw a clean beautiful house. Then he looked and looked at the house and then he knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door and Jim was smiling and standing straight. Jim  doesn't know what his father looked like he was ready to see what his father looked like but by the time that person opened the door the person looked at Jim said hello father suddenly the person on the door said I am not your father said in a gentle voice Jim was so embarrassed and sad Jim putted his hand in his pocket and felt something so he grabbed it out and it was a picture of his father he was so relieved he asked the person if he saw this man he said yes indeed and he said he lived in this house before we moved in and he said he lives in 5 mountain hill road so the the person on the door gave a peace of paper to Jim so he wouldn't forget he said thank you and waited for another taxi he waited and waited and then the taxi arrived and he went 5 mountain hill. 

Jim was waiting for the taxi to stop and then it finally stopped. Jim paid the taxi person and went to the house was just an ordinary house just like the other ones. He knocked on the door 2 times and smiled and he opened the door and it was his father. When Jim saw his father he was crying  with joy he was so relieved to see his father then Jim asked have you seen mum said Jim
Simon said is it really you, then Jim replied yes it is me they both said I missed you so then they went to wellington to go see Jim’s mum Sally.
metime soon the stranger didn’t come looking after all so then they had a party all night long and they stayed together so they won’t lose each other ever again. 

Story web about the duel

Here is the story web about the story The duel, I found it easy because I just looked in the book,