Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Design a sign to warn boat to be careful of manatee


Writing of West Indian manatee

A west Indian manatee is a sea cow for short it's one of the animals
that looks like it has a rock on its back. The sea cow is known vulnerable
because it may or may not. The sea cow is also known for its speed.
The speed of the sea cow can move 5 miles per hour, the sea cow is
known for how its tail looks like a beaver's tail. 

The sea cow is one of the animals that want to stay in freshwater or in a river.
They also go to the bottom of the river or freshwater when they do not want to
be disturbed. The sea cow is allowed to come to you and if the sea cow is curious
it’ll check you out.

The sea cow is something that is dangerous; they are animals that can do boat
strikes if it feels endangered because of it. That's why people keep it illegal to
feed or water a manatee.

West Indian Manatees

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Manatee facts

Monday, 29 June 2020

Design a tracing device for a sea turtle,

Solve the word problem


One day I wanted to see a turtle. Then me and my friend Layla went to the oceans and
got ready to go down to see the turtles. When we went down we went deeper because
there was nothing on the shallow waters.

 When we went deeper we saw so many turtles my friend Layla said 

‘’wow this is so much turtles’’

 I said 

‘’ yes it is this is magnificent.’’ 

When we saw turtles we tried to touch them with our gloves but they wouldn’t let us.
We stayed back and surrounded the turtles and we stayed near it. It was so cool to look
at. Layla said

 ‘’ we should go back up it getting pretty late now we have been down here for awhile now’’

 I said

 ’’ yeah we should probably go now.’’ 

Then we waved goodbye and went up to the boat. Layla said

 ‘’ I haven't seen turtles in awhile and this is the first time I see them again,’’

 I asked 

‘’when was the last time you saw them?’’ 
 Layla said

’’ Probably when I was a child’’

I said

 ‘’ wow that a very long time.’’ 

Me and Layla waved bye to each other and went to our home for the next day,

Green sea turtles research,

Green sea turtles facts

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Thursday, 25 June 2020

Design Poppies

Design task of poppies

Maths tasks Word Problems

Maths Task


Writing Anzac day,

Dear Family,

I hope your looking after your self’s I hope I’ll make it home 
I hope you stay safe it's like a war that  never ends here and it’s like
An ocean breeze here, like it's freezing and it's like a tornado
and dust flowing through the air. It 's like it never ends. 

When two countries attack all countries attack. I never knew that when one
country declares war all countries declare war. If I come back I’ll be stuck to
you like a magnet that never comes off. 

From: Joseph Chris

Anzac facts

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Design task

This is my Design task, I found this Task Easy this was about making a badge I didn't know what to do so I went with what I had thought with, and drew this,

Solve the addition and subtraction problems


I could smell the dust on the ground. I could see two different schools boys and girls separately. I could touch the soft scarves and gloves girl guide’s made. 

I could hear horse's riding by, I could see the girl guide's doing heaps of work.
I could see some girl’s help in hospitals, I could hear children doing their
role, I could see birds flying over me with a little bag that goes to each house.

I could see girls doing their role, I could touch the girl guide’s made.
I could see the hats, scarfs and hats that got taken to the front and I saw
it got taken there because it was really freezing cold there. I could see
telegram kids sending telegrams house to house. 

Army's sometime send's telegrams to town as a bad new's, or something is wrong.
I could hear birds fly house to house if they need to send a message. I could see cloud's
in the sky. Sometime's I even see some kid's laying on the grass and looking at the sky
and relaxing.


facts about children and animals also women

Four facts task

Tuesday, 23 June 2020


I found this task easy, this is a trench,

The story of the trench

In 1914 in a trench where war happens. Seeing  heaps of soldiers injured, some soldiers losing their lives, and some dead. A trench that’s called no man’s land, I could smell the smoke from the cannons that were shooting the other side, It was bad weather, muddy and wet. It was a tragic disaster on the battlefield, I could hear the cannons and the guns shooting, to the other side, soldiers climbing the ladders running to the front field where the danger began. Some soldiers lose their lives running to the front of the gate.

Adding Distance


Life in WW1 facts

The facts of life in WW1,

Monday, 22 June 2020

Writing task, about WW1

One day some men and women got called out to war so then they packed their
things for war then they went, they were off to war there family wished them the
best of luck. When they were there by night it was a stormy night the tents were
already put out by the women and they were in charge of the nursing so when
people came in the nursing area they would already start working. When some
people saw the war they were so shocked they did it on and Island, and they we
re shocked they could see that they were surrounded by nothing they were
deserted, when they began war some of them were hurt some of them were
not and they kept fighting until it ended and then when they finished the war
they saw there was an amount of people dead and the amount that was alive
the dead was so much 7 million people died and some people survived it was
a tragic disaster if they never did war that would have never happened and now
it teaches everyone that we do not need to do war again or millions will die

Research task

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World war one Facts

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Friday, 19 June 2020


I found this task easy, I hope to do another one again soon,


How old were you when you were on the Titanic?
24 years old 
What was the purpose for your trip on the Titanic?
To go to another country,
Describe what cabin was like aboard the Titanic:
It was a cabin 
Who were you on the Titanic with?
I was me  with me 
Describe what happens when you felt the ship hit the iceberg:
I just fell 
How did you get to the lifeboat?
The ladies always go first that's how i survived,
What were you thinking and feeling as the lifeboat was being lowered into the sea?
I felt pulled toward it,
What impact has this had on your life since being saved from the Titanic?
Was it freezing if you hit the water?
Would you have sunk with the titanic?
What no I survived,

Measuring problems

I found this easy, and maybe 99 percent of hard

floating and sinking facts,

I found this task easy,

The journey,

This was my task and I found this easy,

Thursday, 18 June 2020

My animation,

Sinking Journey

This is my task I found this easy,

Writing of the sinking boat

Robot gorilla 'spy' captures the first footage of Silverbacks in ...

I was on the ship and I was at a party, and then all of a sudden boom
we all fell down from something and then some of us took a look outside,
and the boat was sinking so we all went outside and then we saw heaps
of people trying to get onto the lifeboats and then we went the boat had 2
hours to sink and 15 minutes to reach the bottom so then we all swam away.
When some of us went out the boat was already near the bottom so then some
people had to jump off so they did and then 705 people survived and 1,500 died.
it was all captain Smith’s fault the boat sunk.

Research task,

I found this easy.

Facts about the titanic sinking,

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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Journey task,

Maths task was easy,

Measure maths

I found this task easy and I really hope to do another one again soon,

Writing task,

Robot gorilla 'spy' captures the first footage of Silverbacks in ...
On April the 15th in 1912, some people went on the Titanic, and they went off to another
country then one day the ship was supposed to last 5 days. But then two men went to look
up front and they saw an iceberg. They were shocked and they yelled out ‘’ iceberg!!
Ahead!’’ the men were rushing and then they saw what was happening and then when
they said turn the boat they were too late and they hit the iceberg the ship started to sink
and everyone had to try find a way out but they couldn’t swim in the cold water they had to
go on the lifeboats and that was there only way out. When they got on the lifeboat the ladies
had to go first as always but as they saw the lifeboats there were only twenty eight and there were six
hundred and five people left to go on them so they went on and then there were no more boats
left they had to jump in the water so they did and some people survived, the titanic. 

Research task

I found this easy,

Four facts about Icebergs

This is my four facts task I fond this easy and I also hope to do another one again these tasks are easy for me the four facts task

Monday, 15 June 2020

Maths of measurement,

I found this easy hope to do another one again soon,


The Journey






100 + 15 = 115 
115 + 28 =143 
143 - 13 = 130
130 -17 = 113
113 - 6  = 107
107 - 16 = 91 










The daily news


Website                              Name of Newspaper                                  Date   Price

The story of the Titanic

About the Titanic:
The boat Titanic went overseas in 1912 on April the 10th and in the middle
of the sea the captain and the 2,435 people were shaking and said what
was that and then they went outside the captain said we have hit a rock
and now the boat is sinking everyone was scared and frightened of it,
half of the boat was on fire and it was in the water the thought they made
it unsinkable but they were wrong it was sinkable everyone died but one
was alive as soon as a boat came they saw dead people floating around
and they said is anyone alive and she said in a stuttering voice ‘’I-I am over
H-here h-help m-me p-please’’ and they looked and it was a girl they took her
back to the country and that was the only women that survived the shipwreck,
By : Vika

Article by:

Image Source

Research of the titanic

I found this task easy and I hope to do another one again soon,

Facts about the titanic,

Description of the Titanic
HD wallpaper: ireland, cobh, titanic, poster, vintage, museum ...
Description 1. 
The Titanic task three years to build and it took three hours to sink, 

Description 2. 
This boat was called the titanic and one day on April the 10th in 1912 the ship went from one place to another.

Description 3. 
The Titanic weighed 46,000 Tons and it took 15,000 workers to built the titanic,
File:RMS Titanic 3.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Description 4. 

Ironically the workers made sure that the boat was unsinkable but then they didn’t know it was sinkable,

Friday, 12 June 2020

One must work with time and not against it

I found my maths easy, hope to do another one again soon,

A story about cubs

One day there was a cub who was going to a nursery to meet other cubs and she didn’t understand what that meant. When she got to the nursery she saw other cubs like her so she wanted to go and play the play all day long and the securities of the jobs were the king and the mother then were in charge of making sure not to lose one of them. They kept an eye on them and made sure that none of them were gone, then when it was nap time they went to sleep.

Research about lions,

I found this easy hope to do another one again,

Facts about lions

Lion Facts

Fact 1. 
Lions live in south africa and they are the kling of the jungle except there is no jungle for the king to rule.

Fact 2. 
The kings group is called a pride, 

Fact 3. 
Most of the pride is lioness which means that they can catch the prey without noticing, 

Fact 4. 

The lion can be heard up from 5 miles away, 

These are facts about lions,

Thursday, 11 June 2020

A stich in time saves nine

I found this easy and I hope to do another one,

Panda Acrostic Poem,

Panda Acrostic Poem

We are writing an acrostic poem.

For each letter of Panda write a word or phrase.

P: peaceful pandas
A: abominable panda 
N: never stops eating 
D: delicate pandas 
A: awesome pandas are in china