Friday, 3 July 2020

Blue whale tail design

Perimeter 2


Blue whales are creatures who love to swim around and catch food.
They love to play and splash people with a whoosh to people.  Blue whales can be found in the earth’s waters.

Blue whales can be found in cold places. They also love to look for food. The blue whale’s are on the list of getting close to not being any of them there.

The blue whales munch on small krills they are like shrimp. The blue whale’s are graceful swimmers. They love to do things and eat things.
When blue whales travel they either travel in a group or they go alone.

The blue whales have the strongest call s in the animal kingdom.
They are animals that's almost the size of a basketball court.
The blue whale is 94 meters long.

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Blue whale facts

Blue whale facts