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Monday, 29 November 2021

Response to text: Leonardo Da Vinci

 Leonardo Da Vinci

Highlight the correct answer, or type in what you think is correct.

1. What type of artwork was Leonardo Da Vinci popular for?

a) Sculptor                                         b) photographer

c) Painter                         d) Mathematician

2. What city was Leonardo Da Vinci born in? 

a) Florence                       b) Milan

c) Italy                     d) Vinci

3. What was Leonardo Da Vinci’s mother’s occupation?

a) model of Mona Lisa b) painter

c) servant             d) Influencer

4. List some of the characters that Leonardo Da Vinci was renowned for?

→ Mona Lisa,the last supper and Vitruvian man there could be more, 

5. True or False: The ‘Mona Lisa’ was a mysterious woman with an uncanny expression?

a) True b) False

6. What did “The Last Supper” portrait painted by Leonardo Da Vinci fade?

a) due to the light                         b) due to using a different type of paint

c) someone tried to paint over it             d) It was painted on glass

7. Name Leonardo Da Vinci’s other masterpieces? 

→ calculator,parachute, tank, solar power,

4 facts task


4 Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci, 

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Comic art- Response to text -

  Comic Art

1. As a child Raina Telgemeier loved

a) dolls                                 b) comics

c) sports                               d) cooking

2. Raina said that there was a shortage of comics about

a) Superheroes                                      b) Villains

c) newspaper articles                           d) stories that she could relate to

3. In your own words, explain what Raina’s comic book ‘Smile’ was about:

→It’s about Telgemeier’s middle school experiences with tooth problems I think 

4. True or False: Raina’s comic book ‘Smile’ was not very popular with kids:

a) True b) False

5. True or False: Raina Telgemeier has had more than 18 million copies of her books printed:

a) True b) False

6. An important award in children’s literature is called the 

a) Academy Awards                 b) Duffy Award

c) Newbery Award                                  d) Pulitzer Prize

7. Explain why some children used to get into trouble if they were caught reading comic books at school: 

→ It would probably distract there learning at school but then at the same time help them with their spelling and how to say words,

4 Facts task


4 Facts task about Stencil art 

Monday, 22 November 2021

Response to Text - Jack Kirby - Comic Art

 Comic Art 

1. What type of artist was Jack Kirby?

a) Painter                                         b) Musician

c) Comic Book Artist                        d) Photographer

2. Jack Kirby helped to create iconic characters such as 

a) Dragon Ball Z                             b) Kermit the Frog

c) Peppa Pig                     d) Captain America and the Hulk

3. The comic art style of using dots to show explosions and elements in space is known as the

a) Kirby colours b) Kirby Krackle

c) Kirby lines              d) art of pointillism

4. List some of the characters that Jack Kirby helped to create for Marvel and DC Comics

→ X-men, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Thor, The new Gods, Iron man and hulk, 

5. True or False: The ‘Black Panther’ was originally going to be called the ‘Coal Tiger.’

a) True b) False

6. Many comic books are about

a) Superheroes                         b) Celebrities

c) Planets                                             d) Animals

7. Who is your favourite comic book character? 

→ I don’t know I have never had a “favourite” character honestly

4 Facts task - Comic Art -


These are my 4 facts about Comic and its images,