Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Google quiz

Google QuizThe Google Series – Google Origins and Company Background | Strategus

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Who played the teenage Tom Riddle in the movie? 
-> Frank Stephenson Dillane

Question 2) When did J.K. Rowling start writing the Harry Potter series?
-> she wrote them in 1990

Question 3) When was Voldemort Born?
-> 31 December 1926

Question 4) How tall is Voldemort?
-> around 6'4"-6"

Question 5) Who were Tom Riddle’s parents?
-> his parents are Lord Voldemort

Question 6) In which book does Voldemort give Harry his scar?
->  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Question 7) In which book does Voldemort return to the wizard world?
-> The Return of the Dark Lord took place on the 24 June, 1995 in the graveyard of once Harry was
delivered to
Voldemort, Pettigrew murdered Cedric Dig-gory,
it strengthened the protection by anchoring Harry to the world of the living even while in the novel,
he voices to Harry his shock that he was killed by a wizard.

Question 8) Why did Voldemort give Harry a scar?
-> A scar on Harry Potter's forehead in the shape
of a lightning bolt is the result of a failed murder attempt by Lord Voldemort on 31 October, 1981, when he struck 15-month-old Harry with the
Killing Curse. Harry is the only known person to survive the
curse because his mother's loving sacrifice protected him.

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  1. Kia ora Vika,
    Good searching. Some interesting Harry Potter facts. Great to see that love wins the day!
    Mrs Krausse.