Thursday, 28 May 2020

Questions about Cruella de vil

Cruella de Vil - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who wrote the original book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians?
a) Dorothy Smith b) Donald Sanson 
c) Dodie Smith d) Dodie Sanson

2) When was this book written?
a) 2000 b) 1850
c) 1961 d) 1956

3) How could you describe the first 101 Dalmatians movie?
a) Animated b) Live-action

4) Why did Cruella de Vil want the Dalmatian puppies so much?
a) She wanted lots of puppies to make her life more interesting b) She wanted company
c) She wanted to make a fur coat d) She wanted to win a world record

5) What are the names of Cruella de Vil’s accomplices?
a) Jasper and Henry b) Jasper and Horace
c) Wallace and Grommet d) Tweety and Sylvester

6) Who did Cruella steal puppies from?
a) Anita Dearly b) Anita Darling
c) Anita Lovely c) Anita Caring

7) What two characteristics are mentioned in the song lyrics about Cruella de Vil??
a) Her hair and her fingernails b) Her eyes and her nose
c) Her lips and her stare d) Her teeth and her eyebrows

8) Who should beware of Cruella de Vil, as mentioned in the song?
 a) Children b) Puppies
c) The Prime Minister d) Mr Goodwin

9) Would you like to come face to face with Cruella de Vil? Why or why not?

I would not want to go even near her if I would stay away from her
since she’s very creepy looking and she has different hair and she is also very creepy.

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