Friday, 29 May 2020

Google Quiz

Google Quiz

The Google Series – Google Origins and Company Background | Strategus

Use Google to find out the answers to these questions.
You may need to open links, and read, but the answers are there.

Question 1) Where was Thanos born? 
->  saturn's moon

Question 2) How old is Thanos?
-> 1,000 years old

Question 3) Who defeats Thanos in Endgame?
->   Iron man defeats Thanos

Question 4) Who is Thanos’ greatest enemy in the comics?
-> Silver Surfer.

Question 5) In Endgame, who sacrificed themselves
so that Thanos and his army would no longer exist? 
->  Iron man did the sacrifice,

Question 6) What is Thanos’ height and weight? 

-> 985 that was his weight, his height was 6 feet tall,

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