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Voldemort - Questions

Voldemort - Questions

Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is Voldermort’s name given to him by his parents?
a) Tom Hanks b) Tom Riddle
c) Harry Potter d) Ron Weasley 

2) What house was Voldermort in when he was at Hogwarts?
a) Hufflepuff b) Ravenclaw
c)Gryffindor d) Slytherin

3) Who wrote the Harry Potter series?
a) J.F. Kennedy b) J.K. Rower
c) J.K. Rowling d) John Snow

4) Who is the archenemy of Voldermort?
a) Harry Potter b) Hermoine Granger
c) Miss Tuiā d) Neville Longbottom

5) In the Harry Potter movies Voldermort is played by only one person?
a) True b) False

6) Voldemort did NOT attempt to do one of the following things to Harry: 
a) Get the basilisk to bite him b) Get him lost in the maze at the Triwizard Tournament
c) Destroy him when he was a baby d) Trick questions, he tried to do all of these things.

7) Who is said to be the only wizard more powerful than Voldemort:
a) Albus Dumbledore b) Draco Malfoy
c) Severus Snape d) Mr Goodwin

8) What year did Voldemort attend Hogwarts?
a) 1991 b) 2020
c) 1938 d) 1931

9) What do many wizards who are too scared to use Voldemorts name call him?
 ->  They say he must not be named or you know who.
10) Describe what a muggle is:
 ->  A muggie is a person who lacks any sort of magical abillty and was not born in a magical family.

Muggles can also be described as people who do not have any magical blood inside them.

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