Monday, 20 April 2020

The three eyed snake found in Australia,

In March, Australia discovered that there was a three eyed snake.The snake that they found was called a python.The rangers found the python near a town called Humpty Doo on the highway.The python was three months old when they found it.The python struggled to eat and it was forty centimetres and 15 inches long.The python was forty five kilometres from Darwin. The python was caught slithering on the highway. The python got taken to a vet and the x-ray said that the python had three eyes. The Monty python is the rarest snake in Australia. This was the first time that Australia discovered that they had a three eyed snake in their country.

This is my activity and I had to re write this this article. This article was really short and didn't have much detail so we had to re-write the news article using more descriptive words and detail. We had to make sure it was in our own words.

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