Friday, 19 June 2020


How old were you when you were on the Titanic?
24 years old 
What was the purpose for your trip on the Titanic?
To go to another country,
Describe what cabin was like aboard the Titanic:
It was a cabin 
Who were you on the Titanic with?
I was me  with me 
Describe what happens when you felt the ship hit the iceberg:
I just fell 
How did you get to the lifeboat?
The ladies always go first that's how i survived,
What were you thinking and feeling as the lifeboat was being lowered into the sea?
I felt pulled toward it,
What impact has this had on your life since being saved from the Titanic?
Was it freezing if you hit the water?
Would you have sunk with the titanic?
What no I survived,

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