Wednesday, 24 June 2020


I could smell the dust on the ground. I could see two different schools boys and girls separately. I could touch the soft scarves and gloves girl guide’s made. 

I could hear horse's riding by, I could see the girl guide's doing heaps of work.
I could see some girl’s help in hospitals, I could hear children doing their
role, I could see birds flying over me with a little bag that goes to each house.

I could see girls doing their role, I could touch the girl guide’s made.
I could see the hats, scarfs and hats that got taken to the front and I saw
it got taken there because it was really freezing cold there. I could see
telegram kids sending telegrams house to house. 

Army's sometime send's telegrams to town as a bad new's, or something is wrong.
I could hear birds fly house to house if they need to send a message. I could see cloud's
in the sky. Sometime's I even see some kid's laying on the grass and looking at the sky
and relaxing.

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