Friday, 31 July 2020

Lunch in France,

One day I went with my family to France, we booked a place to stay and we had a house. 

When we went for a walk for a while we went to see if we could find something to eat, we had seen a shop and decided to see what was in it. Once we went into the shop we saw food and stuff that we saw in Auckland before, once we went to get some food we saw some interesting food there it wasn’t like the one we saw in Auckland it was different, When we went back home we had a rest and watched some tv we started to get bored but then we fell asleep. When we woke up in the morning we still felt exhausted. 

When we felt hungry our parents were already fully awake but me and my siblings were still tired. We asked our parents, 

‘’ can you make some food for us please?’’

We waited patiently for their answer… their answer was yes! 

We waited for food and we watched Tv while they were making food, and then we started to get hungry again, but then our parents called us to come and eat. We prayed and then we ate,  we kept eating and eating until we finished. We said in a quiet voice‘’ Thanks for the food’’ we said it quietly because me and my siblings' baby sister was still sleeping.

We went to our rooms and got changed so we could go outside and explore more of it. Once we finished my parents to their phone just in case we got lost so then we were off. But then we had to wait again for our baby sister to wake up so then when she woke up she got up and started to cry. I took her out and gave her to my parents, once I gave her to my parents I couldn’t wait to get back outside.

As soon as they finished with her we went outside, then went for a walk. We were getting hungry but it was already night. But then we decided that our parents could navigate the way back to a restaurant, once we got to the restaurant it was nice and warm, once we got in we waited for a while and then we ordered something, 

Then once we tasted the food it was delicious we went back to the airport the next morning. We went to the plane and back to Auckland we hoped to visit again.

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