Thursday, 30 July 2020

Lost in Paris

One day, I went on a plane from Auckland to Paris, One I got to Paris I saw heaps of things that looked very stunning, I waited around until I saw my guide, I went with her as I saw people all over Paris , I was still walking around with her until I felt hungry. When I felt hungry I felt distracted by the food so I ate some and paid for it, but then a while later I got up and I went searching for her but when I went to search she was never there, I felt like… like I was lost in Paris! I felt worried and then before I got up I had just saw someone that looked like her. But it wasn't her I started sighing, I felt like it was my fault that I hadn’t listened.

At night I started to walk around Paris looking for a place to sleep so then I found a place and then I slept,

The next morning before I got out of where I was I had seen If I had left anything but no I hadn’t so then I started thinking about 

‘’if I were lost in Paris what would I do?’’ I said to myself thinking in my head 

As I was walking around until I knew what to do, 

I went to the Eiffel tower and followed the path to it.

When I followed a path to the Eiffel tower I found it, and I started walking there and sat down on a bench 

I went back to the airport and tried to memorise the way back 

‘’this was like an adventure for me’’  

I said, 

I memorised the airport when I went on the plane I went back to Auckland like happily with my family,

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