Thursday, 7 June 2018

Going to the zoo

Miss eadie got the sticker names out and called our group then we walked to the bus and we were at the zoo and we saw a red panda seals, penguins and hippos. We also saw saw big turtles and baboon i feel fabulous because i saw cool animals. The red panda looked like it had red and black and the penguins were white and black and the the hippos colour was grey the baboon was white and pink.

I disagree with Alex because if he lets the animals go then they will die. 
Eva lei I agree with you because zoos do keep animals safe. I agree that if the animals go they can die.
Gabriella I agree with you but have you thought about the animals feel badly locked up.
Vika I think that maybe animals have to stay in the zoos because it is a safe place for them.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Autumn day

One hot autumn day there was a butterfly called Rachel. Rachel had two brown eyes and had to colourful butterfly wings. Rachel found a marvellous treee she saw a hole in it and she lived in it. One sunny morning it was nearly winter and Rachel had to collect food because winter was coming up and she had to hurry. Soon Rachel was lying down on the forest ground and she felt like she was dead then Rachel felt like she was floating in the sky and the next day she saw some fairies taking Rachel to a fantastic garden. All the fairies who carried Rachel put Rachel down gently all of a sudden Rachel felt like she was getting sick her tummy felt strange she thanked the fairies for saving her life and Rachel fell asleep near the water falls. When she woke up she saw her marvellous tree and she went inside her tree and went to sleep.