Tuesday, 25 September 2018

There’s a boy under my bed

I learened that if you throw your marshmallow on the floor then you will see a 

human boy or girl hand popping out 

Use your imagination

I leare that if you are bored in the school holiday then you have to use your 


Thursday, 20 September 2018

A little girl going to a high staircase to the top to the sky to see what is up high in the sky

Once upon a time there live a litttle girl called rebeca she loved going outside and playing with her animal friends she is 7 years old she gots yellow hair 
And pink and purple dress she went to her lovely wonderful mother called Audrey they live in a village and they had a little bit of food. So when so when will it go when inside the village she said your mother please! Mother can I go to the beach please I promise I will talk to strangers please and I will go over and and and then her mother said okay so she went with food and ice cream but when she saw this old man named email Rebecca news but she couldn’t stand it so she ran to me like hey we yes and need to get it then she went to the beach but when she when she saw the beautiful Beautiful she was excited so she woke up to the old staircase and she walked all the way up to the lookout looking down her friend so her so she can see Rebecca‘s friend Alina today when the when they got to the top they were at cuttey Land there were heaps of cute kittens with black cute eyes but after that there were fog everywhere but by the Time the fog went away but suddenly she and her friend saw a big fluffy white kitty cat but they couldn’t get past so they had to have an idea they got past and then they went home and she told her mum what she did she did for the hole day the end.

More mult div word problem-rt

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

My new Duffy book.

Dear Duffy that you for giving me this lovely book called Ella diaries and thank you for giving me a chapter book and other childeren there Duffy book as well I appreciate what you gave me and my class and the other class there New Duffy book I enjoy my new book it interested me when I was reading it so I am going to read it when I finish I will know all the word thank you so much and to us all thank you Duffy. I was so excited when we went to  assembly and then we got our new books until today we get to read them thank you so much thank for making or buying this for me and other childeren
in the school.


Thursday, 6 September 2018

The eruption

I learend that volcones are on hills not near by your house 


I learend that if you go inside a car with a kite and fly it on a stormy day and the 

lightning hits your kite and then the tale of your kite all the way to your had you 

will be  elltrovutcuted 

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

A tree house

Once upon a time there was a boy called john he had grandpa called Sam, they went to the enormous tree house. They went on a tall tall ladder to get to the top and when they got to the top john didn't know what his grandpa was doing until he got out his magic bubble wond that blows out clouds what ever shape they want and then Sam did a big buff and after that he told his grandson your turn Sam said, and then john had a try but when he tried and it didn't work but he tried again but it didn't work! So his grandpa thanked in his head until he got an Idea so Sam told john in sign language take a big breath and blowed so he did but when he took a big breath and blow but it didn't work and so he broken the bubble wond john was upset and then Sam went to check if john was ok so he looked at his bubble wond Sam was shocked! But john made a star then Sam blowed and then a love heart next john made a bunny rabbit and after that Sam said thank you for making all those shapes the end.