Friday, 25 May 2018

Autumn day

One hot autumn day there was a butterfly called Rachel. Rachel had two brown eyes and had to colourful butterfly wings. Rachel found a marvellous treee she saw a hole in it and she lived in it. One sunny morning it was nearly winter and Rachel had to collect food because winter was coming up and she had to hurry. Soon Rachel was lying down on the forest ground and she felt like she was dead then Rachel felt like she was floating in the sky and the next day she saw some fairies taking Rachel to a fantastic garden. All the fairies who carried Rachel put Rachel down gently all of a sudden Rachel felt like she was getting sick her tummy felt strange she thanked the fairies for saving her life and Rachel fell asleep near the water falls. When she woke up she saw her marvellous tree and she went inside her tree and went to sleep.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Jack the robot

Once upon a time there was a robot called jack. Jack had a radio and a spring leg. Broken light for a head and a cassette tape for his body, bolt leg and a plug arm and the and the other arm was an bolt arm. Jacked lived in a nasty scrap yard it had old Rasty cars. He tried to find an arm so he tried an charger but the charger said''  put me down! And jack put the charger down and he went for a rest. He saw a plug that could be his friend he gave him some of his tape from his body so his friend could have a mouth he mouth he took him for a little waik and went to have seat and jack pushed the plug a little further the plugs mouth came off a tiny bit and jack looked at his buddy to the other side and he was angery he went to an old car he tried to find an arm and he found an orange wire he put it in his charger and BOOM jack got electrocuted then jack sat down and rubbing himself he said'' ouch'' and he was sad he saw fan man. Can you be my friend jack said yes you can be my friend and they be friends for ever.

The junkyard dog


Friday, 11 May 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Dear mum, happy Mother's Day mum I love you so much thank you mum for doing cooking for me. I love you mum because you take me to McDonald's and buy me heaps of toys on garage sale. Love from Vika.

Blue writers plane activity

Tuesday 1th of may. On Monday, rooms 19 and 20 did I like the move fun rotations. Monday the first day of term.we did our fun rotations we did our rotations inside and outside. I like the move it is our new inquiry topic. I felt challenging because it was hard work. The rotation that I did was my plane and I had to fold my plane and then I had to colour in my plane.

Storm gets a new family

How to use a ruler