Friday, 31 August 2018

Extrem sports

I learend that it is extremely dangerous if you try this at home and I also learend 

rock climbing for beginners easy climb like a ladder 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Healthy sandwich

On a cold cloudy day, Rooms 19 and 20 made healthy food. We did it at point England school we did it because it was our fun day. First we discussion about healthy food Next we had a peace of yummy soft bread. We had to pick what we want on our peace of bread it was rather ham, chicken or cheese or light green juicy lettuce, then it was a beautiful day so we went outside and ate our sandwiche after that it delicious and tasty Finally when I finished eating my sandwich then I went inside Rooms 20 class and I wrote my first sentence of my recount. I liked this activity because I felt hungery when I saw the sandwich I made I felt like I wanted to eat it when I just made it but we couldn't eat it because the from Crumpits.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Recognising shapes sd

Number patterns



Move your body

Last week on a sunny, beautiful day Rooms 19 and 20 did beautiful movement body art. Because it was our team 3 inquiry for move your body I teamed up with kasaline. First we took a photo. And next miss Eadie printed out our photo. We had to cut it out. After that I cut out three colourful shapes we did a supper girl pose and the colours i used were red, blue, and orange. Then we had to do our art which was a dye splatter. Finally we had to glue and stuck it on to our paper. I liked doing it because it's our team 3 inquiry for move your body and its fun and you also get to do fun stuff. Also you could splat every where on your paper.

Great sporting events


Tuesday, 14 August 2018

About a butterfly called Dimond

Once upon a time there lived a butterfly called dimond she lived in fairy land. She lived in a rose where she could sleep. But one day bumblebees came to her land, and they took all the honey from the flowers, Dimond went down to a meeting. And she said too the bumble bee why did you want my honey, from my area the bees said it was because we couldn't find any other place to go then she said then I will take you where all the honey you can drink but you will have to promise me that you won't come back to my area again. But only you can come back only if you want to play you can ok, but the bees said can we play with you now until the end of the day they said she said hmm ok why not and they played tag they told each other's names the bee said to  her my name is Charles they were tired from playing then they played Simon says they did it slowly after that they had a rest after they had a rest they had a drink of honey they said yummy that was delicious and they went they said good bye I will see you tomorrow and they went to bed  and they sleep there mum said good night 

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Visiting the endeavour

This weeek we learnt about boats and the very famous endeavou.