Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Highlights of 2019,

What I liked about Tug of War it that we worked together and cheered for our team mates. We couldn't always win because there was so much pain in our palms and hands. The burning hot sun made our hands sweaty. But I still liked it because we had fun and we got to go to the Sprinklers before we went to the Tug of War. I just went in like maybe three times because I felt really really hot. When came out of the Sprinklers, I was wet like dots of water all over me.

My favourite picture out of all the highlights in 2019  is the Discus Throw. First the teacher that was with us told us to practice on that side where the Dental Clinic was so I went there because I wanted to practice. It was my favourite picture and day because we got to see who threw the highest and I really wanted to throw something. It was really a fun day! 

My favourite  highlight is when we practised our dance. I liked it because we were going to sit on the stage at the end of our dance. I love practising our dance because we are doing boys vs girls.

 I loved the start of athletics day because sometimes the start is fun and sometimes we are nervous to race first. I loved this picture because I got to hang out with  my friends and we cheered for our team. The kids that came first sat at the end near the end of the race. The people that came sort of last went back but this time they sat on the side and watched the winners.

Monday, 25 November 2019

My animation,

Finish it of properly,

Finish it of properly,
We have to finish our work so we can't get more and more work the week after that and the week after so we have to stop mucking around and finish of our work I made this with my friend Amira but Eva wasn't here so  we made the movie with some help, Thanks to Legacy and Miss Scanlan and Misses Adina for helping us with the movie, we want to help you with your work so here are some things you can do to finish your work sit away from your friends and don't muck around  or talk.

Friday, 1 November 2019

The abandoned spooky haunted house,

Tuesday 29th of October 2019,

I was walking  in the forest and saw an abandoned house that hasn't been used for years and I saw an an mystical glow coming from the moon that is behind the abandoned house. I saw a howling wolf, that was next to the abandoned house. I saw loads of thin black branches crows were sitting on, I saw branches behind the abandoned house. I could see mud that is dried cracked and bat flying around the abandoned house. I saw a howling wolf that was next to the abandoned house. I could see mud that was dried cracked and bats flying around the abandoned house. As I was walking near the Abandoned house I heard a branch crack and I looked back and it was... My friends  I was so excited to see them and I asked them what are you doing here? I said then they said we came to find you of course, I said I wonder what is in the abandoned house. so my friends said stay here and wait for us . As soon as they entered, the abandoned house they saw mist flowing in the house. Then as soon as they stepped in the house they disappeared like they vanished in dust as soon as I heard scary sounds and i gave up and looked, and saw nothing but dust, I looked down and saw a key it looked like a key to a door and I opened a door and saw my friends and we ran out of the house and ran home.   

This is m y magic number of the week,

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Block's game

Monday 21 Th of  October 

On a sunny Monday The Block sat on the floor in room 22. Miss king said that we were going to play a game outside but I was wondering what game we were going to play! Miss king told us to go line up outside. First Hokulea went to line up Te Aurere Hine Moana and Hikianalia.

After we lined up Miss King and Misses Adina went to  the court. Then we sat on the ground and Miss Scanlan brought a box with her and i was wondering what was going to be in there. But then Miss king pulled out a big robe that was black and red and a small rope that looked like a skipping rope.

Miss King was explaining  how it was going to go. She said that Te Aurere and Hine Moana had to go with Miss Romona and Miss king, and the other two teams went with Misses Adina and Miss Scanlan went with the little skipping ropes. I felt nervous at first but then I got use to it I loved it  then we had to jump over I did not like it but that why I went under it. then we finished and lined up back to class. suddenly everyone was talking  about how fun and hard it was. I felt nervous.

Friday, 18 October 2019

This is my magic number of the week

Life's a stage

When I woke up I  was wondering what we were going to learn today. I couldn’t wait to find out when I go
to school. I put my bag and shoes away and lined up for immersion assembly. Then I sat on the wooden

I was looking at Mr Burt and wondering why was Mr Burt dressed like a clown. Then as the assembly
started team one teachers were performing Cinderella in a movie.  It was really funny. They had funny
talent they really made us laugh at the end of the movie. After team one team two teachers that came
up was Miss Gaston, Miss Carter, Miss Moran and Miss Teleso. So Miss Gaston and Miss Carter had a
facial mask, it was plain white. It was sort of funny then they did some dancing and drama. Finally it was
team three teachers  turn. They were showing how to behave, be kind and be respectful, do the right
thing and also chuck it in the right bin.

I was feeling a bit nervous but it's a great way to end the year. I am so excited to do some dancing and
drama. I can’t believe that we are going to be doing some fun stuff. I hope we do some dancing and
acting. It would be really cool if  we learn some acting and dancing skills. 

Wednesday, 16 October 2019


We are learning to order fractions. I worked with my friends to finish the activity.

Monday, 19 August 2019

My Origami fish

On Thursday  i had to paint the blue peace of paper it didn't take that long made a Origami fish one red one one orange one and one yellow one, first we had to make the origami fish i made the red origami fish first because its the hard one i gave it a try my literacy teacher gave us a video to watch if we didn't know what to do so i watched it carefully so i knew what to do on the little fish then i finished. The next day  i did the seaweed it was fun then all i had to do was put little bubbles you can't see it because i did it small. 

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Mr frosty and BMX boy

God was on top of a rocky cliff then he jumped into the lake really high screaming then suddenly... he did crazy flips and twists! It was incredible. After that he hit the water like an asteroid but the splash was more like a….  Tsunami! Quickly, he jumped right back up. Suddenly the majestic mountains were shaking like there was an earthquake.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Sandwich Instructions

We are learning about instructions. Today we ordered instructions for making a sandwich. After we had put the instructions in order, we got to make a sandwich to eat. yum!

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Making a sandwich

The block went to maker space when we were at maker space i sat on the mat Mr Vogt told me the instructions. First i grabbed white crunchy bread and i put tasty tomato slices in me white bread.
Next i put purple onion rings in my white bread and i put stringy grated cheese but the block couldn't eat it yet. After that i put some   crunchy lettuce. At the end Mr vogt gave room 22 some soild silver metal wrapper. i felt excited to eat it when i got home. Maker space  is a place where you can draw, build and make a sand which but mostly you can create anything in Maker space.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019


50 words challenge

On an old farm a little  boy was terrified by a cheeky friendly donkey. The friendly donkey put his head
though the window. While the boy  was sleeping he woke up and saw the cheeky donkey had mighty
chompers and the little boy had a terrifying scream. It was horrifying!

Friday, 29 March 2019

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The pet day problem

The Pet Day Problem Junior Journal 40 Steps that Josh did to solve his problem. Use full sentences 1 First josh went to the library and hethinked of pets that don’t have fur and that are small, 2 Josh ordered a box full of worms and he made the box bigger because there were heaps of worms that couldn’t fit. 3 Josh made the box and went to the school for pet day and then the teacher came up to josh and she gave josh the useful bage for the useful pets in the box. 4 There was facts about worms on the side of the box that josh had to do for his new pet worms and it was a lot of work. 5 Then Josh went home and showed his mother what he got for his new pets and mum was so surprised. Why did Josh feel left out? Josh felt sad of being left out because he didn’t have a pet and last week he had to bring a rock as a pet he didn’t really like it. How needed Josh's pet have to be to be accepted by his mum? They have to be small and not furry mum said, to josh What did Josh do? Josh ordered a box full of worms the worms couldn’t fit so he made the box bigger and there were facts about what josh had to do for the worms Why do you think he won the "Most useful pets" prize? Josh won the most useful prizes because his pets d lots of useful things and some useful things that worms do are on the fact about worms on the side of the box. What did his mother think about his idea? Josh’s mum agreed with the idea because there small like mum said and they don’t have fur like mum said because dad and josh little sister are allergic to the fur.

I did this reading because i wanted to learn about the pet day problem.

My cool sentences

i wanted to do this writing activty because you get to learn more and draw pictrues.