Thursday, 5 April 2018

Omaru creek

Once upon a time there was a Eli called tom he lived in dark gloomy water with no one. He was unhealthy he felt hungry and omaru creek was all dirty and polluted. He was thirsty but he could not drink the water in omaru creek because it was so polluted that if he drinks it then no animal will live. One cold wet day suddenly to went to the sea and he saw a shark he hid behind a rock.he was so scared that he wanted to swim away to a new pond where he could find a new family. Then he found a tunle so he went in side it and saw rocks and seaweed under water and little rocks dirt under water and he saw shells and he built a nest with branches and the grass went into the water. Pond untill he had a plan he was fantastic plan. So he diced to start eating lots of food so he did. So he grew up and he was aloud to go to the beach. So he did and he was not scared of sharks any more and he was not scared any more finally he saw shells and smelt the fresh air and could see under water he was happy.