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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The pet day problem

The Pet Day Problem Junior Journal 40 Steps that Josh did to solve his problem. Use full sentences 1 First josh went to the library and hethinked of pets that don’t have fur and that are small, 2 Josh ordered a box full of worms and he made the box bigger because there were heaps of worms that couldn’t fit. 3 Josh made the box and went to the school for pet day and then the teacher came up to josh and she gave josh the useful bage for the useful pets in the box. 4 There was facts about worms on the side of the box that josh had to do for his new pet worms and it was a lot of work. 5 Then Josh went home and showed his mother what he got for his new pets and mum was so surprised. Why did Josh feel left out? Josh felt sad of being left out because he didn’t have a pet and last week he had to bring a rock as a pet he didn’t really like it. How needed Josh's pet have to be to be accepted by his mum? They have to be small and not furry mum said, to josh What did Josh do? Josh ordered a box full of worms the worms couldn’t fit so he made the box bigger and there were facts about what josh had to do for the worms Why do you think he won the "Most useful pets" prize? Josh won the most useful prizes because his pets d lots of useful things and some useful things that worms do are on the fact about worms on the side of the box. What did his mother think about his idea? Josh’s mum agreed with the idea because there small like mum said and they don’t have fur like mum said because dad and josh little sister are allergic to the fur.

I did this reading because i wanted to learn about the pet day problem.

My cool sentences

i wanted to do this writing activty because you get to learn more and draw pictrues.