Monday, 25 November 2019

My animation,

Finish it of properly,

Finish it of properly,
We have to finish our work so we can't get more and more work the week after that and the week after so we have to stop mucking around and finish of our work I made this with my friend Amira but Eva wasn't here so  we made the movie with some help, Thanks to Legacy and Miss Scanlan and Misses Adina for helping us with the movie, we want to help you with your work so here are some things you can do to finish your work sit away from your friends and don't muck around  or talk.

Friday, 1 November 2019

The abandoned spooky haunted house,

Tuesday 29th of October 2019,

I was walking  in the forest and saw an abandoned house that hasn't been used for years and I saw an an mystical glow coming from the moon that is behind the abandoned house. I saw a howling wolf, that was next to the abandoned house. I saw loads of thin black branches crows were sitting on, I saw branches behind the abandoned house. I could see mud that is dried cracked and bat flying around the abandoned house. I saw a howling wolf that was next to the abandoned house. I could see mud that was dried cracked and bats flying around the abandoned house. As I was walking near the Abandoned house I heard a branch crack and I looked back and it was... My friends  I was so excited to see them and I asked them what are you doing here? I said then they said we came to find you of course, I said I wonder what is in the abandoned house. so my friends said stay here and wait for us . As soon as they entered, the abandoned house they saw mist flowing in the house. Then as soon as they stepped in the house they disappeared like they vanished in dust as soon as I heard scary sounds and i gave up and looked, and saw nothing but dust, I looked down and saw a key it looked like a key to a door and I opened a door and saw my friends and we ran out of the house and ran home.   

This is m y magic number of the week,