Tuesday, 11 December 2018

My creative art

Hi I am Vika this is my art work I wanted to paint this Maori art so I can hang it on the wall so when teachers and other people walk past they can see my Maori art. My art is the red square with the green fern leaf and green korus. I had a lot of fun making this cultural art.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Making Christmas cards for my mum and dad

This is my beautiful Christmas card that I made  for my lovely mum and dad my mum and dad worked so hard I wanted to give them a present Back  my Christmas card I wanted them to have my Christmas card because they worked so hard to pay for our Christmas presents. 

Teacher letter 2019

Dear 2019 Teacher my name is Vika I am 8 years old I am so excited to be in your class because I get a work on my own Chrome book I am so nervous I have 2 brothers and 1 sister my culture is Tongan an my family too. My favourite subject at school is writing because I get to write what I have done today or yesterday, I get to make up a story about anything I want. My best friends  is kasaline my other best friend is lute I have been learning at home since the weekend from yesterday to Saturday. I have been reading books since the holiday,I like to read books because every time I read it i can see pictures in the same time when they read. When I need help from you it makes me happy when you help with words that I can’t spell. Thank you for being my 2019 teacher I like playing at the park with my friend her name is Kasaline I like playing with her at the park because it is amazing. me and Kasaline like  going to the playground because you can play on the monkey bar and the slide the bridge those things are amazing. But my favourite thing of all to do is the slide cause you an do a pose when you go down the slide. The slide is dark blue the monkey bar is green the tunnel is light blue. The bridge is the peach colour and green, Thank you for reading my letter 2019 teacher from Vika.