Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Highlights of 2019,

What I liked about Tug of War it that we worked together and cheered for our team mates. We couldn't always win because there was so much pain in our palms and hands. The burning hot sun made our hands sweaty. But I still liked it because we had fun and we got to go to the Sprinklers before we went to the Tug of War. I just went in like maybe three times because I felt really really hot. When came out of the Sprinklers, I was wet like dots of water all over me.

My favourite picture out of all the highlights in 2019  is the Discus Throw. First the teacher that was with us told us to practice on that side where the Dental Clinic was so I went there because I wanted to practice. It was my favourite picture and day because we got to see who threw the highest and I really wanted to throw something. It was really a fun day! 

My favourite  highlight is when we practised our dance. I liked it because we were going to sit on the stage at the end of our dance. I love practising our dance because we are doing boys vs girls.

 I loved the start of athletics day because sometimes the start is fun and sometimes we are nervous to race first. I loved this picture because I got to hang out with  my friends and we cheered for our team. The kids that came first sat at the end near the end of the race. The people that came sort of last went back but this time they sat on the side and watched the winners.