Friday, 2 November 2018

Cherry blossom art.

Last week I created cherry blossom art.

Rangoli art

Last week  rooms 19 and 20 and did rangoli art miss eadie gave us a peace of paper then we got started. We had to grab some crayons and do our pattern 
So i got started I was so excited my one was a Tongan pattern. I loved it was beautiful the colours I used were pink blue green and yellow I drawed a big circle and draw a dot in the middle. I did another circle o drawed like seaweed but Tonga flowers just not looking like it but I was nearly finished. But then it was home time! I needed to colour in the flower from the outside just 3 or 4 more but I am nearly done the shapes I used 2 circles I did the pattern myself it was kind nice. We used yellow for the outside and the green is for the leaves of the flower and colour it in. I used blue for for the hole circle we drawed the rangoli art because we were celebrating Diwali festival. We did this so we can dour recount and celebrating Diwali festival day.