Friday, 31 July 2020

Louis Vuitton and coco channel,

Lunch in France,

One day I went with my family to France, we booked a place to stay and we had a house. 

When we went for a walk for a while we went to see if we could find something to eat, we had seen a shop and decided to see what was in it. Once we went into the shop we saw food and stuff that we saw in Auckland before, once we went to get some food we saw some interesting food there it wasn’t like the one we saw in Auckland it was different, When we went back home we had a rest and watched some tv we started to get bored but then we fell asleep. When we woke up in the morning we still felt exhausted. 

When we felt hungry our parents were already fully awake but me and my siblings were still tired. We asked our parents, 

‘’ can you make some food for us please?’’

We waited patiently for their answer… their answer was yes! 

We waited for food and we watched Tv while they were making food, and then we started to get hungry again, but then our parents called us to come and eat. We prayed and then we ate,  we kept eating and eating until we finished. We said in a quiet voice‘’ Thanks for the food’’ we said it quietly because me and my siblings' baby sister was still sleeping.

We went to our rooms and got changed so we could go outside and explore more of it. Once we finished my parents to their phone just in case we got lost so then we were off. But then we had to wait again for our baby sister to wake up so then when she woke up she got up and started to cry. I took her out and gave her to my parents, once I gave her to my parents I couldn’t wait to get back outside.

As soon as they finished with her we went outside, then went for a walk. We were getting hungry but it was already night. But then we decided that our parents could navigate the way back to a restaurant, once we got to the restaurant it was nice and warm, once we got in we waited for a while and then we ordered something, 

Then once we tasted the food it was delicious we went back to the airport the next morning. We went to the plane and back to Auckland we hoped to visit again.

Maths graphs,

I found this hard to do, But I kept trying, 


I found this easy, and this task was about researching famous people and movies. 

Famous France ( Beauty and the beast)

This is a task from four facts, we were suppose to write about the movie beauty and the beast, 

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Design task of France animals,

I did this task, and we had to try draw I picture I kind of forgot to put the pride there but this is the closes's to being a pride, 

Maths task

I found this kind of hard and this task was about graphs, telly marks, and what people choose, 

Lost in Paris

One day, I went on a plane from Auckland to Paris, One I got to Paris I saw heaps of things that looked very stunning, I waited around until I saw my guide, I went with her as I saw people all over Paris , I was still walking around with her until I felt hungry. When I felt hungry I felt distracted by the food so I ate some and paid for it, but then a while later I got up and I went searching for her but when I went to search she was never there, I felt like… like I was lost in Paris! I felt worried and then before I got up I had just saw someone that looked like her. But it wasn't her I started sighing, I felt like it was my fault that I hadn’t listened.

At night I started to walk around Paris looking for a place to sleep so then I found a place and then I slept,

The next morning before I got out of where I was I had seen If I had left anything but no I hadn’t so then I started thinking about 

‘’if I were lost in Paris what would I do?’’ I said to myself thinking in my head 

As I was walking around until I knew what to do, 

I went to the Eiffel tower and followed the path to it.

When I followed a path to the Eiffel tower I found it, and I started walking there and sat down on a bench 

I went back to the airport and tried to memorise the way back 

‘’this was like an adventure for me’’  

I said, 

I memorised the airport when I went on the plane I went back to Auckland like happily with my family,

Research task about animals,

I found this easy, and kind of hard, this is a task that we had to research about to finish it, 

Four Facts about France animals,

I found this easy, and we got explanation from a video, It tells me to make facts that are true, 

Friday, 24 July 2020

Drawing task

This took long but worth it,

Italy maths

Writing about foods

  1. Put a large saucepan on a medium heat and leave it there for awhile maybe not for long and then add 1 tbsp of olive oil, ( tbsp means tablespoon,) 
  2. Add four finely chopped bacon rashers and fry for ten minutes until the golden crisp
  3. Reduce the heat afterwards and add two onions, two carrots, two celery sticks and two
  4. garlic cloves, and the leaves from 2-3 sprigs rosemary, all finely chopped, then fry for 10
  5. minutes. Stir the veg often until it softens,
  6. Then task it out put it on the plate and there you can eat it, 

Italy food research,

Italian food four facts,

I found this task easy,

Thursday, 23 July 2020

drawing task

this was really HARD

Italy animals research

This was a bit confusing but it was alright,

Italy maths

animals in itlay

Writing of a little girl and her giraffe

One day A little girl came running down her stairs, like she did everyday and got out of her house, onto her back yard but as soon as she grabbed the rope, she didn’t see her pet. As she saw nothing but trees and grass, she kept looking around the trees, through the trees, although she could not see anything. Sooner or later she could not see anything and until, she noticed that he was gone.

She had an idea and went inside she got some paper and had written ‘’ lost giraffe’’ she had drawn a picture of her giraffe, the giraffe's name was Liam, she went down the street, hanging up the papers, she had sacked the neighbourhood if they had seen Liam the giraffe but no not even, she asked everyone and they all had the same answer… no she felt gloomy as she walked down the street, she sat down and had thought of what to do.
She walked to the park sadly and ever since she had noticed what she had done she sat near the slide waiting to see him.

Then she turned around and saw... Liam was so happy when she saw him after they went to the park.
They went back home because Zoe's mum might have noticed that they were gone. When they got home they were happily together.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Itlay flag

I found this really easy.

Blog Statistic maths

I found this task easy I hope to do it again soon,

The Journal that took me to Italy,

I went to Italy on the first of May, when I packed my clothes I went on the bus to get to the airport,
then on the  plane to Italy at 5:20 when the sun was rising high up in the sky. As soon as I arrived in Italy
I saw breathtaking places and some people took me on tours, it was fascinating to see many things. In a
blink of an eye there were many things that I have never seen in my life, the statues in Italy were kind of
creepy. There were majestic places that I had gone too. 

It was unbeliveable, I saw huge buildings that people had lived in, I saw places that had old buildings for
like a thousand years. Until one day I wanted to go back to Auckland, I wanted to  show my family the objects
and pictures that I took but then when I looked at the money I had I saw that I didn’t have enough. I had to
stay for a few more days to get more money until I had enough on the twenty-ninth  of may I had enough
money to go to Auckland. I packed my stuff and went back on the plane to Auckland and told my family all
about what had happened there and what took so long and that's why I would go travel again if I got to show
more objects there. It was fascinating I would do it again if I could. 

Research task about Italy,

I found this really easy,

Four facts about Italy

I found this task easy I hope to do another one again soon.,

Friday, 3 July 2020

Blue whale tail design

Perimeter 2


Blue whales are creatures who love to swim around and catch food.
They love to play and splash people with a whoosh to people.  Blue whales can be found in the earth’s waters.

Blue whales can be found in cold places. They also love to look for food. The blue whale’s are on the list of getting close to not being any of them there.

The blue whales munch on small krills they are like shrimp. The blue whale’s are graceful swimmers. They love to do things and eat things.
When blue whales travel they either travel in a group or they go alone.

The blue whales have the strongest call s in the animal kingdom.
They are animals that's almost the size of a basketball court.
The blue whale is 94 meters long.

blue whale research,

I found this task easy,

Blue whale facts

Blue whale facts

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Great white shark design



The Great whites are animals that are top eaters of the sea.
They can munch on squid, fish, sea otters and sea lions.
The great whites are animals that take some of their time to swim
around the ocean. 

They like to catch animals in groups. They are large fish, the females are larger and
bigger than the males. They have powerful tails that help them swim. 

Great whites can reach speeds up to 24 kilometres or hr. The great whites use their speed
and colouring to help them look for food.
Great whites stay in the shadow until the sunlight shines through the water and if the prey
are in the sunlight they are available to eat.

The great white shark is known for its knowledge and size. They have a dorsal fin, and they
also like to look for food. It likes to wait in the shadow and the sunlight to come in and when
the prey is in the sunlight they are available to get it, it is easier for sharks to see their prey.

The great whites can be found in several coastal areas. They can also be found in warm
waters. They eat most food.

Great white sharks research,

Great white sharks facts

I found this easy and I hope to do another one again,

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Design task

Writing about the giant pacific octopus,

Giant Pacific Octopus

A giant pacific octopus slithered around the ocean like a snake,
the octopus could eat crabs and birds whole. The giant pacific octopus
looks for food in the dark and cold ocean. The Pacific giant octopus
slithers around 3 countries and it also went to Alaska and California.
The pacific octopus is good at hiding from things to catch it. 

The octopus had crawled up to catch its food then it grabbed hold of it.
it wouldn’t let go. it put it in it’s purse and went to catch more. She could get them for the day with her sticky cup things to catch.

Research of the Giant pacific octopus


I found this task easy,