Tuesday, 22 October 2019

The Block's game

Monday 21 Th of  October 

On a sunny Monday The Block sat on the floor in room 22. Miss king said that we were going to play a game outside but I was wondering what game we were going to play! Miss king told us to go line up outside. First Hokulea went to line up Te Aurere Hine Moana and Hikianalia.

After we lined up Miss King and Misses Adina went to  the court. Then we sat on the ground and Miss Scanlan brought a box with her and i was wondering what was going to be in there. But then Miss king pulled out a big robe that was black and red and a small rope that looked like a skipping rope.

Miss King was explaining  how it was going to go. She said that Te Aurere and Hine Moana had to go with Miss Romona and Miss king, and the other two teams went with Misses Adina and Miss Scanlan went with the little skipping ropes. I felt nervous at first but then I got use to it I loved it  then we had to jump over I did not like it but that why I went under it. then we finished and lined up back to class. suddenly everyone was talking  about how fun and hard it was. I felt nervous.

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