Thursday, 20 August 2020

Animals in Canada- Questions,

 Animals - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What Animal is pictured on the right?

a) Grizzly Bear

b) Mr Goodwin

2) What is another name for a Cougar?

a) Puma b) Mountain Lion

c) A & B d) None of the above

3) Which is the biggest?

a) Moose b) Reindeer

c) NZ Deer d) A mouse

4) List the things that a Grey Wolf likes to hunt?

→ fish, and animals

5) How many species of Canadian Goose are there?

a) 6 b) 7

c) 8 d) 1

6) What kind of whales will you see playing at Robson Bight Ecological Preserve, BC?

a) Blue whale b) Whale Shark

c) Orcas d) Humpback

7) Marmots are the largest members of the:

a) Rat Family b) Squirrel Family

c) Mr Moran’s Family d) Pt England School Teachers Volleyball Team

8) What animal looks like a small bear, but is more closely related to Mustelidae (weasels)?

a) Magneto b) Cyclops

c) Mr Moran d) Wolverine

9) The American Pika is very sensitive to what?

a) Low Temperatures b) High Temperatures

c) Being picked on d) Pollen

10) Bison (buffalo) nearly became extinct in?

a) 1650’s b) 1750’s

c) 1850’s d) 1950’s

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