Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Inquiry Task

 Food - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who is pictured in the photo?

a) Mr Goodwin and his friend

b) I don’t know but how good are the hair do’s

2) Name the 5 parts of the world that Canada's food has been influenced by:

→ Don’t know this question

3) What best describes Poutine?

a) Chips and sauce b) Fries and Gravy

c) McDonalds chips d) Baked beans on toast

4) How was Canadian bacon first preserved for export to Britain?

→ it was delivered there? 

5) Which of these is not an ingredient of Butter tarts

a) butter b) syrup

c) eggs d) nuts

6) What do Nanaimo bars look like according to the article?

a) Cheesecake b) Cheese Toasties

c) Cheese Burgers d) Cheese Cheese

7) In your opinion, do you think the Canadians are proud of Maple syrup?

 a) Yes c) I don’t know b) No



8) Which town in Canada produces the most maple syrup?

a) Canada town b) Glen Innes

c) Quebec d) Toronto

9) What else have you learned about Canadian food?

→ that you don’t know what it taste like until you find out, 

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