Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Ethiopia- Questions,

 Ethiopia - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Where in Africa is Ethiopia located?

a) East Africa b) South Africa

c) West Africa d) North Africa

2) Ethiopia is often referred to as what?

a) The heart of Africa b) The lion of Africa

c) The Horn of Africa d) The best country in Africa

3) What is the capital city of Ethiopia?

a) Bahir Dar b) Dire Dawa

c) Awassa d) Addis Abada

4) What is the castle in Ethiopia called?

a) Blue Nile Castle b) Omo Valley Castle

c) Gondar Castle d) Ethiopia Castle

e) The royal enclosure

5) Which country does not border Kenya

a) Somalia b) Kenya

c) South Sudan d) South Africa

6) What is considered to be the rarest species of animal in Ethiopia?

a) Ethiopean Wolf b) Mountain Nyala

c) Somali Wild Donkey d) Black Lion 

7) “The population of Ethiopia is 109 million.”

 a) True b) False

8) Which months are the rainy months in Ethiopia?

a) March to April b) July to September

c) June to August d) March to June

9) What does landlocked mean?

→ it means when you don't have access to a public street, 

10) What else have you learned about Ethiopia?

I have learned that there are 54 countries in Africa and they don't have any water around them but just countries,

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