Friday, 28 August 2020


 Madagascar - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) What is the capital city of Madagascar?

a) Toliara b) Mahajanga 

c) Antananarivo d) Antsirabe

2) What is the population of Madagascar?

a) 23 million people b) 22 million people

c) 21 million people d) 22.5 million people

3) What are the official languages of Madagascar?

a) French and English b) French and Afrikaans 

c) French and Malagasy d) French and Zulu

4) What is the traditional food dish of Madagascar?

a) Koba b) Mofo gasy

c) Sambusa d) Romazava

5) What is considered to be Madagascar's most sacred spot?

a) Avenue of Baobabs b) Isalo National Park

c) Tsingy de Bemaraha d) Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

                                    e) Ambohimanga

6) When is the rainy season in Madagascar?

a) November to April b) April to March

c) November to June d) June to December

7) “Almost 90% of the plants and animals living on Madagascar aren’t found anywhere else in the world.”

 a) True b) False

8) Madagascar is considered to be the ________ largest island in the world.

a) Second b) Fourth

c) First d) Third

9) What do geologists believe happened to Madagascar?

→ it was a popular place for pirates to go on. 

10) What else have you learned about Madagascar?

→ everything, large island near the indian oceans, 

And yeah, 

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