Monday, 3 August 2020

Writing of travelling

Monday 3rd August

Dear Diary, I wish to go back to Belgium just to visit it once more, but if I did go back to Belgium I wonder what place I would visit next. On my first visit to Belgium I had seen people walking everywhere, which meant that people were very busy in Belgium. I didn’t want to disturb anyone so I just went to a place where it was quiet. 

On the second day I had gone near mountains where it was nice and quiet, I saw some animals on my way to the mountain. It had started to get cold as if it was winter, when I was walking back to on of the cities in Belgium so then as I was walking it started to get colder and colder but then as soon as I arrived somewhere it was warm and quiet, so I stayed for a while but then some people said

 ‘’ stay until morning it’s far to cold for a girl like you wondering of and on and everywhere,’’

 I had thought

 ‘’ they are right after all it is pretty dark and cold here so then I went with them but I had no idea what they were up to.’’

 When I arrived at their place  I went to sleep quietly but then I noticed it was… too quiet then I quietly peaked the tent to see what was happening, but then I noticed it was nothing but… I noticed no one was here so I ran off, while I still could. 

In the morning I woke up in the snow? I saw snow everywhere and I was freezing cold. When I noticed I was near a town which is a belgium town, I started to race like lighting to the town, when I arrived I had fainted but then when I woke up I was in a house and I felt dizzy and woozy, I hadn’t felt good so I had laid back down and had another rest, so then when I felt good I got up and went to the airport back home. 

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