Monday, 24 August 2020

Writing task 2

 Dear Diary, On the 25th of July I went to Kenya. I had seen some animals, I got to meet some, there were beautiful views of different places and new places, also new things we haven’t tried. There was a tourist and he showed 1 group around and that was us, us in me and my family, we had gotten to Kenya and then we had a look around it was fascinating. I couldn’t believe my eyes it was… magnificent 

I couldn’t say a word, we went with our guardian to see the cool things then when we had a look around we had wonder how animals could move around anywhere without being put in a zoo.

We couldn't even say a word while we had a look around we saw animals and animals surrounding left and right even up high and behind. It was kind of creepy at first but then we got used to it so then when we got to see animals usually one a day or 2 times a day we started to love animals, we adored them so much, we weren’t scared of them anymore. Then we felt bored so then some of us started to close our eyes and usually feel so quiet in the sunny breeze feeling the ocean air  coming through and out again, I had never felt this peaceful ever since, till now, then we had to go back to our country. 

When we packed our stuff we got up and got onto the plane back home, and seeing if we will come back to kenya, for our next trip.

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