Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Canadian sport questions,

 Sport - Questions


Highlight the correct answer for each question.


1) Who is pictured in the photo?

a) Mr Moran and Miss Tuiā

b) Mr Moran and some random in an Elmo costume

c) Mr Moran and “OMG that’s the England/ Tonga semi final, I’m pretty sure that’s my uncle in that Elmo costume”

2) Why is Ice Hockey a popular sport in Canada for kids:

→ so they can learn what it's like to ice hockey, 

3) What sport is played in the NHL?

a) Lacrosse b) Ice Hockey

c) Curling d) Yugioh Cards

4) Which Sport is the oldest sport in North America?

→ ice hockey

5) What do players use to hit the ball in Lacrosse?

a) Sticks b) Bats

c) Crosses d) Smack Smack Stick

6) Curling is played on:

a) Ice b) A field

c) A sandy patch d) Chess Board

7) In curling players sweep the ice in front of the kettle as it slides along the ice. Why do they do that, do you think?

→ I don’t know this question, 

8) What is the name of the NBA team in Toronto?

a) Raptors b) T-Rex’s

c) Wolfpack d) Lakers

9) What is the name of the Super League team in Toronto?

a) Raptors b) T-Rex’s

c) Wolfpack d) Lakers

10) What else have you learned about Canadian Sport?

→ that they play different then other countries,

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