Friday, 7 August 2020

Writing of Smurfs,

One day on a sunny bright day, Smurfette was just the same as always, trying to find out who she was, it was also another day of Gargamel  planning something evil and of course Azrail, they were thinking and thinking, what they could do but then Gargamel, had the most coldest plan ever he would send 5 of the smurfs somewhere unexpected. But then as Smurfette was walking back home, she had seen a smurf vanish. She had searched and searched but no sign then clumsy said 

‘’  hey Smurf-’’ 

then she noticed that clumsy smurf was gone too. She started to worry and started to look for him, then papa smurf pulled Smurfette in his house and said

 ‘’ I can't find  Clumsy, have you seen him?’’ 

then Smurfette cam in dead silence and said in a whisper

 ‘’ I had heard him and he said smurf he had almost said my name, but then he just vanished and soon as I saw him’’ 

Papa smurf said 

‘’ he’s here’’ 

Smurffete had looked confused

  ‘’ who's here?’’

 she exclaimed in a whisper,  Papa smurf said

 ‘’ don’t say a word from now on, and follow me.’’ 

Once they got to a place where no one knows about, Smurfette had asked

 ‘’ what is this place?’’

Papa smurf new that someone would have asked that question, 

Papa smurf answers

 ‘’ A place you’ll see but not be’’

Hefty says

 ‘’ welp how are we supposed to see but cannot be,’’

Brainy says ‘’ we are gonna see for ourselves’’

Then they went through the door and saw things that Papa Smurf said but they couldn't wait for anything and saw they also vanished somewhere. Once they got there  they explored the place quietly, they saw some stuff they hadn’t seen before, they could see that some smurfs were still in the village and others captured. Brainy exclaimed

 ‘’ on my calculation we should be near-’’ 

then hefty says

 ‘’ blah blah blah can we just go this might take forever with your little chatterbox.’’

Once they got the smurfs with a plan they had quietly escaped, from the maze then they left, finding their way back home from there rope there plan was to rope themselves to a tree and get the smurfs follow the rope back to the tree and then they went back home and checked if Gargamel was there =but he wasn’t there so then when they went home it wasn't there home anymore, they wanted to live somewhere different, so then they built there houses on trees so Gargamel won’t find them anymore.

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