Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Writing of Belgium chocolate,

One day me and my best friend were very bored , then my best friend Lute had an idea

she said ‘’ maybe we could go to Belgium!’’ and I said ‘’wait what!?’’ I fell off the chair when

I heard what she said,  I said ‘’ are you out of your mind because it looks like it’’ she said

‘’ yup I am Let's go!’’ when I heard her I said in my thoughts ‘’ wow she really wants to go...

Fine I will go’’ then she started screaming the roof off literally. When we packed our stuff

we catched the bus and waited till we got to the airport and Lute waved goodbye to our

family and left for Belgium.

Once we got to Belgium we had seen heaps of foods there but we saw mostly chocolate

and then my friend started running everywhere I had to chase her around Belgium, Until

I got tired and sat down for a rest, once I had my rest I saw my friend sitting right next to me,

then she said ‘’ that was the most fun day ever!’’ I started to get tired but lucky we had

bought a room in a hotel, until we had gone into our room to go sleep for the next day. 

In the morning when I got up and brushed my teeth and got changed and ate breakfast,

when I finished my breakfast my best friend Lute was already standing there saying

‘’ Hi morning are you ready to go’’ and then I put on my shoes and I said ‘’ What do you

mean ready to go?’’ then when I noticed what she had meant. Once we got outside although

she had already seen a shop and she rushed there and I followed from behind, once we

had gone into the store that’s when  we saw heaps of chocolate and people making

chocolate, then Lute said ‘’ Wow there is heaps of chocolate in here’’ 

And then I said ‘’ I know’’  then we saw what they had made and how they made once we

had seen how they had made it, we left the store and when we packed our stuff we left

going back to Auckland, 

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