Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Writing of the Canadian sports,

 One day someone had asked me to do record something for them and I said ‘’ sure’’ then they said ‘’ you’ll start tomorrow’’ then I went back home for the next day, as soon as they came to my apartment they had driven me to where the game was beginning, 

Then I got the camera started and watched the game as well. 

When I kept recording it was a bit fascinating by looking at it, so when there were games I started to realised the games they were the Olympic games,

I had cheered for our team and it was against  u.s.a I was looking very closely at who was going to win.

At a final game it just got the crowd quiet from looking at the final goal then as soon as they started the Canadian player were like lighting and they won, we won, and they started cheering, they were so proud for them and they said to the other team ‘’ it okay don’t give up,

I went back home feeling tired and went to sleep for what adventures what for me the next morning, 

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