Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Writing of letter from Brazil to Auckland,

 Dear Audrey, I'm having a blast here. I wish you were with me though, did you know that Brazil has heaps of these kinds of food? If you were here you would have found it fun. Did you know that i'm in the central west of Brazil there are some people here but they are not the kind of people who speak our language,  when I first came here I found it wasn’t so pleasing but then when I got used to it, I felt like it was just a normal day in Brazil. 

I'm heading to a restaurant now. It looks like a fancy restaurant. I'm just going to order some food, Well I’ll tell you what I’m eating I’m eating dessert now I'm just choosing the desert. 

Right now I have just finished choosing the dessert, and I'm eating… Brigade!

It is a type of food well not food but a dessert, it's like a cupcake with chocolate sprinkles. Well I'm just heading to my house that's in a hotel, I'm going to sleep now,  see you tomorrow Audrey.

 The next day I wrote another message to Audrey. I told her  ‘’ I'm coming home tomorrow she was so excited she told everyone else so then I spent my last day in Brazil, when the day was finished, I went to the airport back home then I stayed with my family until another day of adventure came.

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