Monday, 10 August 2020

Writing of the Amazing race,

On the 27th of July there was an amazing race on a sign, starting this week,Once Mia heard about it she thought maybe she could have joined. Once 3 girls heard about it they thought they would join as well, but then one of those girls was a cheater there name was Chloe which means that she would always trick someone, to be a winner or the boss, she thought she could have signed up. Then she did but then Mia had already signed up before her, Mia felt so scared she shivered. The other 2 girls who were nicer said ‘’ come on don’t give up! We know you can do it!,’’ once they made Mia feel happy they introduced themselves one of the girls said their name was Jennie and the other said her name was Kelly then when they got to the race. They waited for others to come then when they all arrived the person explained what was going to happen, then they raced off, like they hadn’t before, they were off to their location, the instructor said to go to, once they splitted up they continued the activities she kind of got lost then she asked a person where to go from the amazing race, but they couldn't understand so then I had to right a letter in English and I knew I little bit of Portuguese but couldn't understand most of it, then I sent it to the helper who was already waiting on the other side, then Mia was allowed to come follow in the plane to where she should have been up to, once she got up there, the person explained again, then she was off. When they got to the finish line and met up with the person they met before she said ‘’ well done’’ But the cheater which was Chloe, she had said ‘’sorry’’ and then went to Mia to give her a hug, then they all became friends afterwards.


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